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DNA Elite Protein

At DNA Elite, we take huge pride and satisfaction in our products. This is why we have built long standing relationship throughout our supply chain to ensure the customer not only receive a high quality product, but a product that tastes great too.

How is our protein manufactured?

DNA Elite’s Protein is by far one of the finest consistency products on the market. With ultra fine instantized cutting edge technology, implementing the instantized process thus our protein thus using the finest granules. With many flavours we have to ensure that each individual flavour is processed different.

What you will notice with DNA Elites protein is that it will never stick, lump or curdle due, this is all down to how our protein is manufactured. Our protein products are designed to have an ultra fine powder, made real by the manufacturing process. Not only does this make using our products easy, it also means we can help you produce the best results throughout your training schedule.

Protein for every step of your training schedule

Over time, we have developed our products to be able to assist you for each part of your training. Our range of protein is with you from pre work out all the way through to your results.

Take a look at the range of protein shakes we have on offer today to see which suits your needs – and they all come in a range of exciting flavours!

Where are our protein products sourced?

Our products are Manufactured in the USA under strict guidelines by the FDA this assuring the absolute quality of products are produced from DNA Elite.

It is important to stress that DNA Elite are the only supplier in the UK of such high quality product.

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